If you want to deliver your products to clients quickly and efficiently, selecting the correct order fulfillment services is critical. The proper order fulfillment services can help you achieve your objectives, from increasing scalability to cutting delivery costs. I selected and reviewed the 7 top order fulfillment services in this article so you can choose the right one for you.

When a customer orders a product, your job as an eCommerce company owner doesn’t finish — it only begins. You must handle order fulfillment services such as shipping, inventory management, packaging, and return handling, among other things.

You must guarantee that your product delivery is managed appropriately to earn positive feedback, repeat business, and increased profits. Composing and arranging the shipment and transportation of your items to the final consumer can be a complicated procedure.

What Are The Different Types Of Fulfillment Services?

1. Transportation Based.

Third-party logistics organizations that specialize in transportation handle all aspects of product shipment. Transportation 3PL businesses also take export taxes and duties.

2. Warehouse and Distribution Based.

Warehouse and distribution-based 3PL firms handle product storage, transportation, and return. For example, Rakuten Super Logistics’ innovative freight services are standard and include everything from pickup to delivery.

3. Financial and Information Base.

Freight auditing, inventory management, booking, tracking, and accounting are all handled by financial and information-based 3PL organizations.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Order Fulfillment Service?

1. Business Growth.

You have a team of professionals managing your logistics and warehousing with a 3PL firm on your side. This frees you up to concentrate on more pressing company issues. Furthermore, whenever your company begins to grow, you will already have all the required resources.

2. Expand Your Business to International Level.

Because 3PL logistics transport products at a faster rate, you can swiftly expand your firm internationally. Logistics providers also aid in developing a company’s market reach to local markets in several regions.

3. Low Warehouse Expenses.

You don’t have to spend extra money on warehouses or warehouse management when working with 3PL businesses. Almost every 3PL logistics firm has its warehouses and employees.

What Should You Look for When Choosing an eCommerce Fulfillment Company?

Ecommerce fulfillment providers can benefit almost any company that deals with any form of shipment. These organizations relieve stress and save you money by managing different vital duties, including freight, shipping, order fulfillment, and import/export.
While large logistics firms provide all of these, smaller logistics companies provide logistic core services. Small businesses are primarily served by companies that specialize in core services.
I compared various eCommerce fulfillment firms based on the following criteria:

1. Range of Services Offered.

Most 3PL logistics companies with small businesses focus on either freight or order fulfillment. On the other hand, FedEx Fulfillment provides the best of both worlds.

2. Cost Transparency.

One of the essential elements to consider when assessing 3PL services is cost transparency, as costs vary greatly depending on shipping, company size, and various tasks and processes. In any procedure or service, there must be no hidden costs.

3. Scalability and Startup-Friendly.

3PL logistics providers must have low order minimums to serve small enterprises and startups. To achieve optimal scalability, 3PL businesses must also ensure that they meet all of the company’s demands.

4. Easy Onboarding Process.

Small businesses want a well-thought-out onboarding process that includes a free account setup.

5. Customer Service.

In the logistics industry, on-time delivery and job management are critical. The top businesses provide immediate assistance to their consumers by giving them a personal account representative.

6. Proper Integrations.

In any firm, accuracy and timeliness are critical. 3PL firms should, however, provide integration with accounting, website, order management systems, and prominent eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Amazon, Shopify, and others.

7. Management Dashboards.

Businesses are always provided with management systems by the leading eCommerce fulfillment firms. The management dashboard is required to extract reports and check the progress of international activities.

20 Best Order Fulfillment Services of 2022

1. ShipBob

ShipBob is a leading order fulfillment company that provides same-day delivery in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago. Furthermore, the company offers 2-day shipping within the continental United States. ShipBob is a free software program that helps businesses manage inventories and orders. For order fulfillment and warehouse inventories, it connects with most eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, and physical logistics. ShipBob is a next-generation fulfillment center with a competitive edge in proximity to merchants and end customers in the country’s largest cities. Because of this proximity, the service provider may provide same-day delivery services at a lower cost than Amazon.

ShipBob is considered a rising star in the fulfillment industry and a perfect fulfillment service for small businesses by several reviews, owing to its low completion rates, quick onboarding, and minimal beginning costs. Through its nationwide warehouses, the service provider provides conventional fulfillment. As a result, clients will be able to stock up on the necessary inventory and ship in batches as needed. ShipBob also provides crowdfunding fulfillment services, allowing you to ship huge numbers of pre-orders and backer prizes at once at a cheap cost.

2. ShipHype

ShipHype is a third-party logistics company and order fulfillment platform that helps international retailers enter the North American market. The program interfaces with a wide range of sales channels and include a single dashboard that displays the fulfillment progress of each order in real-time.

ShipHype also provides pick-and-pack and kitting services for subscription box fulfillment and eCommerce fulfillment. The software’s capacity to manage enterprise and crowdfunding fulfillment services and its FBA prep services make it appropriate for a wide range of merchants and retailers.

ShipHype also assists retailers in lowering their shipping expenses. ShipHype offers the most economical shipping rates for products thanks to its agreements with major shipping companies.

3. Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics is an all-in-one fulfillment management solution that offers online businesses a fast delivery service. It can deliver to its clients in one business day thanks to its 12 fulfillment locations. It handles both domestic and foreign shipments.

It has a shipping cost optimizer that analyzes and recommends the most cost-effective shipping options based on the estimated delivery date. Aside from one-day order fulfillment, all items will be delivered on the same day your buyer clicks “checkout,” the service also offers 1-2 day ground shipping to 98 percent of the US.

In addition to order fulfillment, Rakuten Super Logistics interfaces with all major eCommerce platforms and shopping carts, delivers prompt client assistance, provides freight service with pick-up and drop-off, and has a suite of technology solutions for inventory shipping and analysis. Aside from those above, the company offers marketing, marketplace connections, and a client loyalty program, among other growth-promoting services.

You may manage your eCommerce firm more efficiently by outsourcing order fulfillment.

4. Simpl Fulfillment

Another order fulfillment software, Simpl Fulfillment, bases its business on retaining the trust of vendors and big online shopping platforms. As its name suggests, the platform provides an easy-to-use logistics and order fulfillment solution, allowing businesses to fulfill orders and manage warehouse inventories quickly. The software also includes an intuitive user interface that allows users to manage, monitor, and ensure that their business runs smoothly.

Simpl Fulfillment, which is best suited for online firms, provides the necessary capabilities for managing inventory, orders, returns, and reports. You may link your stores, obtain details for new products, and sync your existing ones from a simple, easy-to-use web interface. The software also automates shipping for crowdfunding fulfillment services and allows for robust integrations with third-party platforms like Kickstarter, Groupon, and Indiegogo.

Simpl Fulfillment also includes inventory management capabilities that allow you to keep track of your SKUs, from order availability through buy orders and assigned orders. The software also lets you trace your product’s progress and determine what was shipped, received, or returned.

5. ShipMonk

ShipMonk is a well-known fulfillment service in the United States that assists companies in streamlining their business procedures. It comes with a 4-in-1 cloud-based platform that incorporates inventory, orders, shipping, and warehouse features. Its inventory management feature lets you maintain stock levels across several channels, receive low inventory notifications, and keep track of your best-selling SKUs, among other things. Meanwhile, the orders management tool allows you to control the customer experience from order placement to delivery. It also has a shipment management module that displays real-time shipping rates, discounts, and data. Finally, the warehouse management module enables you to manage several sites and link them to other business operations.

A Happiness Engineer will analyze your brand’s guidelines and customer experience, among other services offered by the site (CX). This includes how you personalize your packages. You may use resources like gift messaging, customized packing material, and promotional inserts to improve your customer experience. It also aids in creating a lasting unpacking experience.
A few available capabilities are multiple location support, transparent billing, enterprise-grade security, freight management, actionable reports, returns control, and exceptional project management. Chipmunk also integrates with various other business platforms, including PayPal, eBay, Weebly, and Shopify. The first item pick fee order is $2.50, plus $0.50 for each subsequent order. This is for eCommerce fulfillment orders ranging from zero to 200.

6. Easyship

Easyship is a cloud-based shipping platform that enables retailers to ship domestically and internationally. Users have complete control over their products and how they are delivered to clients right from the start.

Vendors can choose from over 250 shipping alternatives through Easyship, giving them the freedom to use their preferred couriers wherever their item is going. They can use this option to compare pricing, saving up to 70% on each shipment.

Another element to explore with Easyship is platform integration. You can connect Easyship with your sales platform to expedite shipping. It even has an open API functionality that allows you to personalize your platform’s integration.

Finally, if you’re interested in using Easyship for your company, you can contact their team for a price on how much it will cost to integrate this system with your online store.

7. Fulfillment by Amazon

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) allows anyone to sell their products on the Amazon marketplace. It is beneficial to individuals who sell tiny things (since fees are based on item size and weight), sell through multiple channels, and already sell on Amazon. Whether you’re selling a few goods or thousands, you can rely on Amazon’s renowned logistical expertise and global network of warehouses to handle the majority of the fulfillment labor. FBA will store your things in one of its 140+ warehouses worldwide, handle item processing and shipping to your consumers, handle payments and refunds, and give 24-hour customer service.

Even though you have your obligations as a seller, FBA handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on marketing, promotion, and conquering e-commerce obstacles. Faster processing, faster shipping, climate-controlled warehouses, dependable returns and refunds, and respected customer care support are just a few benefits of outsourcing to FBA.
Similarly, FBA interacts with various third-party business and productivity apps and works with all primary shopping cart and eCommerce systems to give you remarkable freedom in running your business. When you integrate Amazon, a known and renowned brand, into your eCommerce business, you receive increased market visibility and improve your reputation with customers.

8. FedEx Fulfillment

FedEx Fulfillment is a FedEx Corporation subsidiary established in early 2017 to assist small and medium-sized businesses in fulfilling orders from various sources, including online marketplaces and websites. The service is a fully integrated supply chain solution with a user-friendly platform and FedEx’s well-established delivery networks.

FedEx Fulfillment is a logistics company that provides clients with warehousing, packaging, fulfillment, transportation, and reverse logistics services. Sellers can also use the service to manage inventories and combine sales channels. Clients can outsource their critical fulfillment and logistical requirements to FedEx and focus on growing their business with the support of the FedEx infrastructure.

Complete visibility into their products and mechanisms to track items, manage inventory, analyze trends, and make informed decisions by knowing buyers’ spending behaviors are some of the benefits clients can expect from the service. With its established infrastructure and transportation system, the service provider also offers unique selling propositions such as same-day fulfillment cutoff times, two-day ground delivery to most US mainland deliveries, and a simple returns/reverse logistics process.

Fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses can achieve scalable and lucrative operations with FedEx Fulfillment, which offers quick shipment, integrated supply chain solutions, and multi-platform fulfillment, among other services.

9. ShipWire

Shipwire has warehouses throughout the United States, China, Europe, Australia, and Asia, with more on the way. The service uses an enterprise-grade warehouse management system to provide clients with safe and secure storage while shipment and unique handling processes are performed. Its intelligent shipping platform can identify the optimal delivery couriers, packaging alternatives, and routes for customers’ products, lowering shipping and fulfillment costs.

The business employs a cloud-based platform to allow online merchants to power their global logistics network by shipping globally or domestically using a combination of clients’ or Shipwire’s facilities. It also supports B2B and B2C commerce with on-demand and custom order fulfillment options. Dropshipping and linking to vital retail channels can help you connect product supply to retail demand. Thanks to the service’s powerful technology, customers can tailor and scale shipping solutions to match their logistics needs.

10. RedStag Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment is a popular US-based online order fulfillment service provider specializing in shipments above 5 pounds and guarantees their 48-hour dock-to-stock time, order correctness, order speed, and inventory accuracy 100 percent. The service combines a cloud-based fulfillment platform with special operations to handle fragile, high-value, and oversized goods, things weighing more than five pounds, and products that require customization or light assembly before distribution.

The service takes advantage of FedEx’s vast logistics and transportation network to ship big and heavy items at significant savings. Red Stag uses cutting-edge quality control technologies to video-track its warehouses and packing locations to minimize theft, packaging errors, and shipment damage. If an error is found in their service, clients are paid $50 for each instance.

11. FulfillmentCompanies

FulfillmentCompanies.net takes a unique approach to the market, acting as a matchmaker between sellers and third-party logistics providers. It boasts of choosing the perfect fulfillment provider for your outsourcing needs, backed by a decade of research into the logistics industry. FulfillmentCompanies provides a free online matching tool to sellers looking for reputable and trustworthy logistics businesses in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The service checks 3PLs and thoroughly examines their pricing, storage, and order processing systems. It only takes a few minutes and a few clicks to vet fulfillment firms, and you’ll receive bids from pre-screened vendors. You’re matched with 3PLs who fulfill your specifications and needs.

The program charges the supplier, who pays a small lead fee after a match, so you, the seller, can use it for free. This service is ideal if you are entirely sold on outsourcing fulfillment and want a quick and easy approach to identify the finest fulfillment provider for you. An unbiased evaluation and facts go a long way toward ensuring that you obtain the best match for your specific scenario. In addition, the service includes a handy calculator that allows you to calculate and compare the costs of in-house versus outsourced fulfillment.

12. Fulfillify

Fulfilling is based on a powerful mobile-responsive technology platform that enables eCommerce businesses to provide their clients with ordering, storage, and delivery services. According to the service provider, they ship over 75 million items every year on average, delivering goods to customers worldwide. The Fulfillify platform is simple to set up and use, and it allows users to track orders, inventories, and products in real-time from any device. The service, which also interfaces with users’ existing eCommerce and shopping cart systems, allows consumers constant access to product data and information.

Fulfilling offers a simple sign-up process and no-cost setup. It does not bind prospective clients to long-term contracts, allowing businesses to switch providers if they are unhappy with the company’s service. Such deals also save clients time because Fulfillify handles all necessary setups, leaving them with a fully functional solution.

13. IDS Fulfillment

IDS Fulfillment (IDS stands for Integrated Distribution Services) offers order fulfillment, warehouse and distribution, and transportation services to ensure that your products reach your customers on time. It bills itself as a results-driven logistics firm with the flexibility, capability, and tried-and-true methods to help companies gain a competitive edge. Clients can take advantage of the service provider’s efficient and cost-effective supply chain built on short transit times and cheap shipping costs. When a consumer places an order on your online store, it is sent straight to the nearest IDS warehouse, which packages and delivers the product to the customer quickly.

The approach can help small and large online businesses, especially during high seasons when customers want fast shipping and excellent service. And, because IDS provides scalable and adaptable solutions, you can outsource any aspect of the fulfillment process, including warehouse storage, distribution, and returns, or have the service handle everything.

The service provider promises accurate and on-time deliveries thanks to its strategically situated locations on the US mainland, all of which are equipped with industry-leading technology. It claims to reach 95 percent of US consumers within two days.

14. VelocityShip

VelocityShip is a well-known fulfillment company that has created its advanced software suite to assist businesses with day-to-day difficulties such as supply chain management, inventory management, and order fulfillment. The VelocityShip platform’s software interacts with over 60 marketplaces and shopping carts via a bespoke API and automates the entire order process to ensure accuracy. It can also process up to 10,000 orders per day in bulk, allowing you to quickly process multiple orders and ease B2C and B2B fulfillment.

VelocityShip caters to startups and specific projects like crowdfunding fulfillment, subscription boxes, product labeling, inventory counting, and more, despite its ability to manage the most challenging fulfillment chores. Using the provider’s packaging, shipping, and kitting services might help you increase your profits. You can also connect your multi-channel platforms to their system to grow your market and reach more clients by tapping into their global network of warehouses.

15. Ships-a-lot

Ships-a-lot is an order fulfillment company that caters to rapidly expanding internet businesses. Initially, the company’s founders planned to build a fulfillment solution based on the Shopify platform, which allows for real-time shipment. Following the development of the resolution, the proprietors realized that the forum might be helpful to other online retailers, which led to the establishment of Ships-a-lot. The service’s simplicity is the first thing users will notice. Prospective clients can get prices and specifics on onboarding by simply signing onto the company’s website and completing the information.

However, the service’s strength comes from its promise: quick delivery of its clients’ purchases. It guarantees a 24-hour lead time backed by a pledge to compensate unhappy customers $20 for late shipments. This feature of speedy delivery is available at all times. The fulfillment facilities for the service are among the most advanced in the industry, with a measured inventory accuracy of 99.98 percent. This is achieved by continuously monitoring barcodes, scanners, and tablet computers. Clients may rest assured that their orders are not just correct but that all of their products are safe and secure.

16. Fulfillment.com

Fulfillment.com is a global fulfillment, storage, and logistics company that assists businesses in managing their time and resources while delivering client orders. The corporation has facilities strategically positioned near parcel processing hubs throughout North America and internationally. Their service and facilities save you time and money by decreasing transit times and other expenditures for your shipments. Your products are kept in your chosen facilities, and when an order is placed, the service may quickly select, pack, and ship them.

Among other things, Fulfillment.com allows you to keep track of your inventory, choose the most efficient shipping method, aggregate orders to save money on shipping and validate addresses to improve the client experience. FDC’s cutting-edge warehouses are outfitted with commercial-grade equipment that integrates with the company’s unique system and is designed to handle a wide range of orders, from simple to sophisticated. To help you manage your product supply, the service includes features including inventory alerts, inventory velocity reporting, and depletion date projections.

17. Fulfillment by Sears

The logistics branch of the US department store company Sears is Fulfilled By Sears (FBS). It has been selling and shipping its items and those of its merchant partners for decades, and it has made that same dependable service available to retailers. FBS is a full-service outsourced fulfillment solution for retailers, including warehousing, picking and packing, and shipping orders to clients. Sears has since expanded into eCommerce (Sears.com) and offers a third-party order fulfillment service for businesses looking to decrease costs and boost margins by streamlining their order fulfillment.

It’s aimed at small, midsize, and corporate organizations, but it’s best for those with substantial order volume to cover outsourced costs without sacrificing retail pricing. There’s no minimum order or long-term commitment, so you may switch from in-house to outsourced fulfillment, depending on month-to-month order trends. Sellers on Sears.com and other online marketplaces can use Sears’ fulfillment service. The FBS service lets you tap into Sears’ vast network of fulfillment and distribution locations for your logistics and infrastructure needs.

18. Xpert Fulfillment

Xpert Fulfillment provides third-party order fulfillment services in the United States and internationally, including logistics and warehousing. It uses a pick/pack/ship approach to manage inventory and orders, and it’s built on web-based tools that make tracking and communication possible in the cloud and in real-time. The company’s headquarters are in Michigan, and it has a centrally placed distribution center that can quickly distribute orders across the United States and Canada. It offers high-value products in secure, climate-controlled warehousing.

Founded in 2008, the company has expanded its worldwide services by partnering with European Union-based providers and now serves both startups and Fortune 500 enterprises. The provider can scale its services to match a fast-growing small business because there is no minimum order restriction. Marketing consulting, print and web design, phone reps, direct sales, and global distribution are several services it provides.

19. fulfillment service

fulfillment service was founded in 2001 to give clients worldwide a quick order fulfillment service. It uses the most cutting-edge technology to assure high-quality service and client satisfaction. The service caters to all sorts and sizes of businesses, delivering end-to-end solutions to all forms of eCommerce businesses. The platform is well-known for domestic and international shipping services, with many shipping options available. The platform offers free shopping cart integration, 24/7 client access to its order fulfillment software, inventory storage, and pick-and-pack service.

Users can use eFulfillment Services’ numerous price options and cheap shipping options. The solution is well-known for its solid customer support program, which includes a ticket system available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Additional services offered by the vendor include returns handling, kitting and assembly, and marketing inserts.

20. Fulfillrite

Fulfillrite offers end-to-end order fulfilment services such as kitting and assembly, refund processing, and inventory warehousing to online businesses. It’s perfect for expanding small and medium enterprises and major corporations wishing to simplify their order administration operations. The vendor is willing to work with companies with at least 40 orders per month and up to 40 SKUs. The fulfilment company, situated in New Jersey, handles a wide range of products, including mobile accessories, technology, electronics, consumer goods, cosmetics and nutraceuticals, and fashion.

The company has a strategically positioned distribution centre in Lakewood, NJ, close to significant carrier hubs such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS and an hour’s drive from major East Coast ports and airports, allowing for quick inbound and outbound shipment. All major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Celery, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, and Amazon, are supported by Fulfillrite. This service provides real-time order and inventory data through an API, CSV, or manual entry on the Fulfillrite web interface.


In-house logistics management is difficult for both large and small businesses. As a result, it’s preferable to outsource your logistics and save money and time by using one of the top order fulfilment services.

If you want to extend your eCommerce marketing abroad, you might consider employing a fulfilment partner to relieve the pressure on your warehouse team.

While all of the fulfilment services listed in this guide are outstanding in their own right, you should seek quotations from several providers before choosing one for your company. Find a fulfilment firm that offers comprehensive order processing, packing services, speedy shipping, exceptional service, and no long-term obligations, especially with the development of Amazon FBA, multichannel eCommerce, and customers increasingly expecting two-day shipping nationally.