You must choose the right OTT platform to provide the most pleasing video streaming experience. The finest OTT platforms make your content accessible to everyone, from movies and episodes to instructional courses and tutorials. I selected and reviewed the 13 most excellent OTT platforms in this guide so you can choose the best one for you.

Do you want to skip to my top picks? Uscreen, Setplex, and Contus Vplayed are the finest OTT platforms. The way we consume video is being drastically altered. Cord-cutters are phasing out traditional cable television. Two hundred thirty-five million Americans are currently watching digital video on over 820 million connected video devices at the same time. Over-the-top (OTT) platforms are the technology behind these digital media providers.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV+, Disney Plus, HBO Now, Peacock, and iTunes are just a few popular OTT services. Viewers merely need a streaming media device such as a Smart TV, a Roku, or a game console to see their material. Today, any content creator can use an OTT platform to offer their audience the same viewing experience – and monetize it.

For example, if you’re a fitness instructor who wants to start a website, you may use OTT to provide on-demand fitness sessions for a monthly charge. If you’re a business coach who sells unique content in online courses or lives streams events, you can offer video courses as a monthly subscription through an OTT platform.
Let’s take a closer look at OTT platforms.

13 Best OTT Platforms of 2022

  1. Uscreen. tv
  2. Setplex
  3. CONTUS VPlayed
  4. Dacast
  5. Muvi
  6. IBM Watson Media
  7. Wowza
  8. Kaltura
  9. JW Player Live
  10. Vimeo OTT
  11. Stream
  12. Brid. Tv
  13. MAZ Systems

Uscreen. tv

Uscreen is the premier over-the-top (OTT) platform for developing and managing video streaming apps for TV and mobile. It’s one of the fastest OTT platforms, with an average startup time of 30-60 days.

Uscreen. Tv handles everything from uploading your OTT apps to automating upgrades. It’s also a great alternative because of the monetization of Video on Demand (VoD) and global live streaming services. Fixed price, subscription, rentals/PPV, bundles, freemium, and free trials are among the pricing models available on the turnkey video monetization platform. Furthermore, its fast encoding delivers a 4K UHD video experience across platforms and any accessible internet connection.

Another fantastic feature is the branding freedom to customize and match your app with your business, making Uscreen my go-to video platform for creating your brand with monetizable content.
There’s more. It also has robust security measures, such as SSL, encrypted payment data, round-the-clock monitoring, and complete data ownership.

Key Features

  • Reduce Churn Tool – It can reduce churn by up to 35% while also enhancing client loyalty.
  • It’s a fully white-labeled HTML5 player that provides buffer-free online video streaming in Full HD quality across all devices.
  • Customisable VoD Templates – Create a magnificent online presence and monetize your movies with these custom-made customizable VoD templates and video website themes. You may also customize the colors and add a logo to match your branding demands.


  • Customers who have canceled their subscription can use the ‘Try Again for Free’ function to get their money back.
  • Its HTML5 player also supports screen readers and VTT captions.
  • It is supported by two major global CDNs (Content Delivery Network).
  • Apple Airplay and Chromecast are both supported.
  • A smooth customer experience is provided through built-in sales and checkout pages.
  • You get unlimited free web hosting with SSL.


  • To get the most out of Uscreen. tv, more integrations would be beneficial.
  • It would also be advantageous to have an integrated member recommendation scheme.


  • Basic: $79 per month, payable once a year
  • Monthly fee of $159, paid annually
  • Call for a quote from Uscreen Plus.


Setplex is a full-featured OTT and streaming service provider with many broadcast channels, a robust web management panel, flexible monetization options, etc. They’ve also addressed all the necessities, including subscriptions, a multi-CDN approach, broadcasting, and distribution. Your content is distributed via the OTT network to various platforms, including Smart TV, smartphones, tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, and computers.

Advanced features such as on-cloud or on-premise management of your entire platform can also be used. Your OTT app will be instantly available in ten app shops and directories.
Integration with middleware is also a plus. You can change your user interface, content, main menu, and more with simple, user-guided clicks.

Key Features

  • Transcode your satellite broadcast to IP and distribute it over the internet.
  • Seasons, categories, sub-categories, and episodes are used to organize your channels and VOD material.
  • Subscriptions (SVOD), pay-per-view (PPV), rental (TVOD), and advertising are all options for monetizing your OTT content (AVOD).


  • The user interface can be customized across nine platforms.
  • Mobile phones, tablets, SmartTVs, and set-top boxes can benefit from adaptive bit rate distribution.
  • Packages can be customized to support as many devices as needed.
  • Within 24 hours, you can launch your OTT platform.


  • Work is needed to make the process flow more streamlined and user-friendly.
  • Some channels have been reported to be unavailable.


CONTUS VPlayed is a leading OTT platform that creatively develops the full potential to broadcast any media, live or on-demand, across many devices such as Web, Android, iOS, and SmartTV. In the online streaming sector, they are a perfect solution for content owners, journalists & broadcasters, educators, fitness fanatics, filmmakers, religious leaders, and many more.

They’ve helped over 100 of the world’s most well-known brands create successful OTT platforms in over 70 countries. It also helps content owners transfer from their current platform to VPlayed without losing any data. On the other hand, platform providers bridge the gap between technology and content innovation, allowing you to retain complete control over your newly established platform for the rest of your life.

VPlayed’s key focus is on using the resourceful internet to revolutionize online streaming standards and monetization to establish multicast services that people around the world prefer. Furthermore, VPlayed allows you to become your boss by monetizing all of the content you stream without having to share any revenues. Professional streamers have an advantage over Microservice Architecture, a highly capable tech stack. It enables the implementation of dependable and simply maintainable collective casting services. The platform includes several effective solutions: CONTUS VPlayed consists of all of the elements you’ll need to construct a pro-OTT streaming platform that empowers you with 150+ features and different 6+ revenue options while protecting the integrity of your content, which is invaluable.

Your preferred OTT infrastructure is well-supported by the world’s most popular CDN networks and best-in-class security protocols. Furthermore, excellent video marketing tools and scalable analytics can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Key Features

  • Security — Use rigid-fix methods like Multi DRM, AES Encryption, Video Paywall, Watermarking, and others to secure your essential inputs within streaming media.
  • Video CMS — Categorize and manage assets in a centralized video CMS platform that allows you to bulk upload, drag-and-drop, schedule videos, and more.
  • Profit from the most excellent OTT-business concepts, including SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, CatchUp TV, Coupons & Promotions, etc.
  • Video Marketing – Get an unrivaled online video marketing suite with tools like recommendation engines, social posting, and more to transform your leads into potential deals.
  • HLS Player — Within the HLS video player, stream 360° compilations in 4K quality with buffer-free renditions in no time and multiformat support.


  • You can now choose whether to implement the platform in the cloud or on your premises.
  • Get an OTT solution that is tailored to your company’s needs.
  • Build your OTT platform with a defined one-time license fee.
  • With Whitelabel services, you can take complete control of your OTT platform and keep it for the rest of your life.
  • For cross-platform viewing, enable video transmission across numerous web, mobile, and smart TV devices.
  • Collaborate with other content aggregators to stream with portal accessibility that is monitored.


  • To get the most out of CONTUS VPlayed, more advanced in-built tools would be desirable.
  • There have also been reports of setup troubles when utilizing the platform for the first time.


Diecast provides OTT VoD and lives streaming services on various platforms and mobile devices. It gives you multiple ways to expand your content footprint into the Chinese market.

You can create professional workflows with live stream recording, video transcoding, and an all-device video player. The Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures high-quality video streaming. This white-label OTT platform also allows you to brand your service.

APIs and SDKs also allow you to create your mobile app or OTT platform. DaCast also provides you with comprehensive content management and trustworthy security.

Key Features

  • DaCast has partnered with Chinese CDN services to give you access to over 1.4 billion potential viewers. It has several points of presence (PoPs) throughout mainland China.
  • Upload, organize, monetize, transcode, analyze, and distribute your videos using Video Hosting Manager. You can also design custom automated workflows using its APIs.
  • Broadcast Live Sports — Use subscriptions, commercials, or pay-per-view techniques to monetize your live sports coverage. You may also record your live video stream and offer it as a VoD by embedding it on a website.


  • Buffer-free video streaming adjusts the video quality according to your connection speed.
  • Transcoding creates many versions of the same video.
  • You may increase your security by monitoring your network around the clock.
  • Remotely host live classes and allow spectators to pay in real-time.
  • Plan ahead of time to ensure that your videos are shown 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Upload huge videos or many videos in a batch via FTP.


  • When attempting to integrate API into a website, issues can arise.
  • Changes in technology are not always conveyed swiftly, which might lead to problems.
  • When bandwidth is throttled, viewers may experience delays.


Muvi is, without a doubt, one of the top OTT platforms available. They are one of the few OTT platforms that focuses solely on audio.
Muvi offers OTT video on demand, audio hosting, and live OTT streaming services. They concentrate on full-stack multimedia rather than just video. This makes it an excellent choice if your company’s goal is to build a media empire in your industry.
Muvi is the only OTT platform that can handle all of your multimedia requirements. Let’s look at some of the features that help make this one of the most excellent OTT platforms.

Key Features

  • All of your material should be hosted on your domain name.
  • Ability to develop native apps for iOS and Android.
  • Capabilities of Smart TV Apps
  • Accept payments in various currencies and use a variety of payment gateways.
  • Use various video monetization options, such as subscriptions, pay-per-view, and video advertising.


  • All-in-one video and audio OTT platform — Muvi is one of the few OTT platforms that allows you to monetize both video and audio content in one spot.
  • Built-in Monetization — Muvi provides a plethora of monetization choices. The platform allows you to monetize your content, from subscriptions to video advertising.
  • Building an audience — Make a mobile app for iOS or Android or a smart TV app. This allows you to broaden your audience and your content’s reach.
  • Zero Coding – Muvi allows you to do everything without ever writing a line of code.


  • More templates for the online website would be helpful, as there are now only a few available.
  • The trial version’s lack of functionality can be aggravating, especially if you’re trying to evaluate the platform before committing to it.

IBM Watson Media

Your films are managed, measured, and monetized by IBM, and they are streamed across a variety of platforms. It includes storage GPU computing and several cloud streaming and video services.

Video hosting, live streaming, transcoding, automated voice to text, and robust analytics are all included.

Machine learning skills assist you in increasing audience engagement. It also tracks video performance and makes data-driven decisions by monitoring real-time measures. Watson Media, which is cloud-based, also provides several CDNs to deliver your video content globally and on any device.

Key Features

  • Live Chat and Q&A — These capabilities allow you to interact with the audience during a live stream. It has moderation, user administration, and user upvoting built-in.
  • Customization & Branding — Integrated branding choices allow you to tailor the channel to your specific video needs. You can also promote videos that have already been live-streamed and forthcoming events.
  • Copyright – IBM immediately handles any plagiarism or copyright issues. Its copyright enforcement service detects plagiarized content in real-time and immediately stops broadcasting.


  • Video can be scheduled to play at certain times. You can also have live video streaming automatically looped for you.
  • The mobile-friendly player displays HD video on any screen size.
  • Video metadata compilation and ingestion have been simplified.
  • Make a private recording of your live streaming video. Later on, you can make the video public.
  • There are no resolution or bitrate limits.
  • Use adverts or third-party services to monetize your videos.


  • Silver: $99 per month
  • Gold: $499 per month
  • Platinum: $999 per month


Wowza’s full-service OTT platform provides dependable and scalable solutions to businesses of all sizes. It comes with its CDNs for reliable content delivery around the world. It allows you to fine-tune the video format, delivery options, and video quality.

You’ll also access the unique Wowza software explicitly designed for seamless live broadcasting. The Extensible Modular Architecture allows you to scale your content’s live streaming performance immediately.

Key Features

  • Wowza allows you to stream 360-degree movies in 4K quality worldwide for gaming and other activities.
  • Browser-Based Live Streaming — Its WebRTC technology allows users to communicate right from their browser in real-time. You may also use Wowza’s streaming engine to improve it.
  • Wowza’s mobile app allows you to start live streaming right away. It lets you record, encode, and transmit live video via 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks.


  • To stream online videos without an encoder, include IP camera streams in mobile and web apps.
  • It provides live support during live streaming events to help you get past any technical difficulties with ease.
  • Its adaptive bit-rate streaming provides smooth video playback on any device, regardless of internet connectivity.
  • Streams may be easily ingested by any encoder and sent globally to any player.
  • It provides multi-level security, including token authentication, stream encryption, and digital rights management (DRM).
  • A stable infrastructure and several cloud service OTT providers offer high-quality delivery.


  • Wowza Streaming Cloud: $85 per month (prepaid annually)
  • Wowza Streaming Engine: $175 per month (prepaid annually)


Kaltura’s SaaS solutions for collaboration, training, communication, marketing, and sales include live and on-demand video. Meetings, virtual classes, webinars, town halls, podcasts, and pitch video messaging are among the video communication options available.

You can also hold virtual meetings with any number of people using Kaltura. Its powerful analytics capabilities for VoD and live streaming allow you to track the performance of your videos in real-time.

Furthermore, it includes a cloud infrastructure ready for TV shows, allowing you to satisfy all of your video-streaming needs.

Key Features

  • Its interactive capabilities allow you to create, share, and embed customized movies to increase learning, engagement, and conversion.
  • Produce podcasts — Use your Kaltura video gateway to create quickly, edit, and post podcast episodes and TV channel playlists. Its mobile app also has powerful content creation features, including the ability to produce and upload a podcast easily.
  • Pitch – Kaltura With ‘Kaltura Pitch’ videos, you can effortlessly gain attention. Send video and track every viewer’s behavior, including when they first watched the video, how they engaged with it, and more. You can utilize it to make a sales pitch, communicate internally, or send administrative messages.


  • Use a user-friendly UI and easy experience to capture movies.
  • Multi-stream recordings synchronized with PowerPoint presentations and screen capture are possible.
  • Increase engagement and discoverability by adding transcriptions, captions, and translations to your video.
  • The ‘Townhall feature’ creates interactive webcasts that are both fascinating and informative.
  • To keep the engagement going, it has live quizzes, breakout rooms, polls, collaborative whiteboards, and notetaking.
  • To increase purchases, track video replies and conversations.

JW Player Live

JW Player enables you to reach your audience wherever they are and develop new mobile and TV apps. Its OTT apps offer scalable video launch and monetization options. It also includes robust ad support to help you get the most out of your CPMs (cost per mile) across screens and platforms.

Furthermore, its recommendation system provides your audience with relevant and entertaining information. The HTML5 player employs HLS and DASH adaptive streaming for faster video and ad delivery.

By setting your video player with CSS customization and APIs, you can provide a fully customized consumer experience. It also allows you to customize your identity by changing the color, thumbnails, pace, etc.

Key Features

  • Mobile SDKs — It integrates JW Player with native iOS and Android apps to provide consistent video playback across numerous devices.
  • OTT Apps – It provides turnkey and customized solutions to help you develop a scalable OTT app in weeks.
  • Article Matching – Its Article Matching feature finds the most relevant video from your video content library and instantly inserts it into an article. It claims to increase video playback by up to 19 percent.


  • It works with ease with any video ad network, server, or exchange. SpotX, Google IMA, Google DFP, AdX, and FreeWheel are supported natively.
  • It has parameter passback and Google Ad Manager integration to make running ads a breeze.
  • It also integrates with Google Analytics, Nielsen, Adobe, Comscore, Conviva, and other third-party analytics platforms.
  • It enables you to go live in less than 30 seconds. Replays can also be broadcast in under a minute.
  • Its numerous latency options enable you to reach out to your audience on any platform or device.


  • Free: It offers a 30-day free trial
  • Starter: $10 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Vimeo OTT

For beginning your video subscription service, Vimeo Livestream is a popular option. The company’s internal video gallery functions as a consolidated dashboard. As a result, you can manage, control, access, publish, and archive all of your videos in one location.
The good news is that you won’t need to recruit a technical support team. Vimeo takes care of everything for you.

Key Features

  • It helps you monetize your videos by supporting pay-per-view and subscription sales models.
  • Video API – Customize your video content management system with Vimeo’s video API. You can also construct a third-party video streaming application with its proprietary API.
  • Global content distribution and adaptive bitrate streaming are possible because of its server network.


  • It includes live polls, audience discussion, Q&A, and graphical overlays, allowing you to create professional live streaming events.
  • It provides shared user-level metrics, location analytics, and engagement graphs to help you assess the success of your videos.
  • Protect your videos from piracy using digital rights management (DRM).
  • On Vimeo, you can grant more than ten users access to manage your video content.
  • It offers bandwidth and storage at meager prices.
  • Easily incorporate background videos onto your website.


  • Starter (For all the basic to start your web-based channel): $1 per subscriber
  • Growth (Suitable for a growing OTT business): $500 per month billed annually
  • Enterprise (Advanced features to help you scale your OTT business): Quote-based plan


Stream offers a “Smart OTT” technology that helps broadcasters create apps that provide content to viewers. It has several features that will assist you in having a professional broadcasting experience. Because Streann’s software is more expensive, it’s aimed at large organizations with sophisticated broadcasting needs.

Key Features

  • OTT (over-the-top) Streaming
  • Hosting of live and on-demand video
  • Chat in real-time
  • Making a multi-screen app
  • Advertisement monetization
  • effective Video analytics
  • Simulcasting
  • Streaming video that is entirely immersive (AR and VR)


  • Puts much emphasis on high video quality
  • No sorts of hidden costs
  • Provide complementary hardware and software


  • Professional: $1,995 per month is the starting price
  • Premium: Premium plans are tailored to TV-quality streaming and are priced individually.
  • For further information, contact Stream

Brid. Tv

BridTV delivers a seamless and flawless platform for delivering video on PCs, mobile devices, and tablets worldwide. BridTV streaming collaborators team up with the best ad networks to improve your video revenue-building approach and help you stand out from the crowd. You can get precise details regarding the revenue generated thanks to their partnership with Google ADX.

Key Features

  • Platform for batch processing video content management functions
  • Each user has detailed data, including bandwidth usage.
  • Videos from Youtube and other platforms can be imported directly.
  • AI is utilized for article matching, social sharing, and analytics and reports.


  • Super-fast playback
  • Superior functionality
  • White Label video solution
  • Ad- Revenue Platform


  • Flexible plans to suit your business needs
  • They provide free trials
  • Free version available

MAZ Systems

Maz creates a branded solution that can be personalized across all devices without the assistance of designers or streaming professionals. The world’s largest media firms rely on Maz’s high-quality services, providing more than 8X personalized sessions and 150 percent faster market solutions. MAZ provides content owners with the OTT software tools they need to outperform the competition, allowing them to create the best mobile and TV apps for hundreds of brands and businesses. They assist businesses in developing and customizing programs for distribution on Roku, iOS App Store, Amazon Fire TV, Google Play, Apple News, and other platforms.

Key Features

  • Ad integrations are available to scale streaming content quickly.
  • Include the most acceptable monetization options, such as paywall subscriptions.
  • In video technology, live streaming with excellent quality is possible.
  • To successfully manage material, you’ll need your content management system.
  • Cross-platform technology for simultaneous casting anywhere
  • Customer service is available 24/7, and rich layouts can be customized.


  • Convert users into lifetime subscribers across synced platforms
  • Send push notifications based on subscription status
  • Email to authorized users for remarketing purposes
  • Track user’s saved content, and purchases across platforms
  • Save an average of 9 months in OTT app development


That concludes my list of the finest OTT platforms to test for video streaming services this year. A few unique features and specific basic capabilities are available on all platforms. However, they are all appropriate for streaming VoDs and live events. Examine your requirements thoroughly before deciding on a budget. It will assist you in making a more objective choice. Finally, if you’re looking for the best overall OTT platform, Uscreen is the clear winner.

Before making a final decision, thoroughly evaluate all of the platform’s features. Which OTT platform are you considering? Please let me know in the comments section below.