Starting a blog is a feasible option for anyone looking to generate income. With dedication and hard work, some individuals earn enough from their blogs to leave their current job. However, it’s essential to remember that building an audience and reaching a significant income level takes time and patience.

In this guide, I will teach you everything you need to know to start your first successful blog and earn up to $4,000 per month. Keep reading for the ultimate blueprint on how to create a profitable blog.

Quick Start Sheet

Want to start a blog as fast as possible? There is a quick guide for you that helps. Every topic, sub-topic, and essential steps that you need are covered here. 

Before starting, It is essential to understand the principles. 


When you try to start your blog, make sure that you have a mass audience who are interested enough to read your blog. It isn’t easy to start from scratch if you don’t have enough audience. 

For example, You can start a blog about “diet food,” but “nutrition” will be a more significant niche than “diet food.” When you write about “diet food,” only those who want to lose weight or try to be healthy are interested in your blog. Another hand, “nutrition” has a much more audience. So which will be a better niche?

Of course, Nutrition. 


Do not rub the same page again and again. Niche is integral to your blog, but you should spend little time selecting a topic or niche. Just start writing.

Create Link:

Use multiple sites to post your writing. And always link them back to your site. 

Use appropriate words:

Remember that you write for your audience. Make them comfortable with your writing and involve them in your stories.

Questions and Answers:

Make sure your writing always answers questions your audience is thinking about. It will help you to build connections and attract more audiences. 

Portable And Easy To Digest:

Creating video or audio content, such as videos or podcasts, is easy to make your content accessible on the go.

How To Start a Blog

Content is king

It’s more than just writing average content. It’s likely to perform poorly and be a good use of time. Therefore, it’s essential only to write content that is exceptional in quality.

Before creating a blog, it’s essential to have a clear idea or topic to focus on, and this idea should serve as the foundation for your blog’s content. 

A solid concept is crucial as it will guide the direction and focus of your blog. Once you have a solid idea, you can delve deeper into creating engaging and informative content for your audience.

Ideas That Stand Out

As you know, the first steps are always crucial in any business. Don’t get overwhelmed when you start your blogging journey. Just be specific about your idea and ensure that people understand the point of view you want to show them.

For example, this blog is about “how you can start a blog in 2023”. You click this because you learn something valuable from this blog. So, I must serve you the best idea. Just follow this path. 

It’s entirely okay for one you admire and get ideas from them. Read the article from a different place and follow the writer. Just take inspiration from their writing. Let everything flow and speak in your voice when writing anything. 

When you choose your niche, ensure you have a clear idea of “what am I writing and what is the topic?” Make sure you know all the basics, then follow the flow. Enjoy the process. 

Learn the Topic

Your niche or topic is something that deserves love from you. People read your topic and connect their emotions and feelings with your writing. So it is necessary to make a clear concept when you type something on your keypad. 

Create momentum and start. Be curious about your topic and learn more. Think about “what people want to learn from me?” or “what do they think?” 

Most of you will be okay with your topic or niche when determining what attracts your audience. 

Be specific

Assume that you have a blog about traveling. Now you might think about ” who will read my blog?”. At this point, just Google the topic you are writing about now and see the articles of others. Be specific about your idea. And target your audience. 

For example, you can write about “tracking shoes,” also a traveling subtopic. And that will attract a generous amount of people to your blog. 

Build Your New Blog

Choose a name 

It’s fun as there are the things people hear or see the most when you publish your blog. 

People will remember you for an extended period if you have a beautiful name. But be careful. Don’t’ overthink it. Keep moving. 

As we first talk about niche or topic ideas, ideas are the same. Just rely on your subconscious mind. And ask some questions.s Start combining words. And when combined, start questioning yourself: 

“Is it easy to remember?” 

“As I will the audience, would I love this name?”

Write down 10-15 names that stand out. And now, the central part, start checking that, is the name has an available domain. 

Check your name with a .com, and you can use any domain checker website. 

Here are some bonus tips for creating a better name for your new blog.

  1. Check Domain 
  2. Avoid using the number, the hyphen 
  3. Make them precise 
  4. Easy to read
  5. Don’t complicate

If you have a name that checks all these tickboxes, the following steps are just to add them to your cart. 

Get a Web Hosting

To make your blog live, you need a hosting platform now. 

It’s a simple task. To get started, you need a place where your blog lives. That is called a hosting platform. You can buy hosting for $2 or $3. Every hosting platforms have some plans, which are very affordable to start. 

After buying a hosting site, select a platform for your blog, like WordPress, which we will use today for this guideline blog. And now, you have to connect your domain with your hosting site. And Congrats! 

It will take 10 or 15 minutes to make your blog live. Keep moving. 

Blogging Software

To start or run a blog, you must need blogging software. A very familiar one is WordPress. It is easy to use and, most importantly, accessible. To start from scratch, wordpress can be your best friend. 

WordPress also has a massive collection of free plugins that comes in handy. You can easily navigate and modify your blog by using them. 

Your New Blog On WordPress

WordPress has tons of pre-built themes. It helps you to get familiar with the world of blogging easily. 

WordPress has a straightforward foundation to cart. Try to find a theme that matches your idea and topic very well. 

There are a ton of themes there, so take time. Please take 10 minutes and ensure that your audience will have a very soothing experience when they land on your blog. 

You can change or delete your theme at any time. For that, only stack for an excellent article. Over time you will be your best pick of the piece. 

Now follow the step with me, 

Firstly, log into your wordpress. Enter your email and password, create an account first, and log in. 

At first, your Dashboard might terrify you but do not get arrested. It’s okay to take time and explore everything. WordPress is widely used for its simplicity; it just takes 20 minutes, and everything will be solitude to you. 

Now, you need a theme first. For this, Go to appearance and click the themes menu. 

After clicking the themes menu, you might see some ready-to-use themes but for the best one, click the “add new” button. 

There are tons of themes. Just go through them and find something that fits your taste. 

You can also buy many premium themes. But before that, let’s jump into the next step.


When word customization hits your mind, wordpress has an unlimited number. Anything that can help you with e-commerce, likSEOeo to security, you will find everything there.

Click the customization button first, and you will find every option you can control. Let’s sticks to the basic. 

You can add the title of your blog, tagline, or anything that comes to your mind.


SEO is the process that will give your blog an extra boost. An easily discoverable site can attribute you to success. 

Worpress can instantly optimize your blog. So, don’t get daunted. Focus on creating engaging content. Use attractive videos, photos, and text content.

Make it easier for you. Just use the plugin named Yoast SEO.

Go to the plugins panel, click add new, and search for the Yoast plugin. Install Yoast SEO.

From Dashboard, go to your info menu and set the basics. Save your information on Yoast SEO.

Now jump into our next task. Go to the “webmaster” tab. Go to google search console. And index your website and optimize visibility. 

Go to the webmaster tab and click alternate methods. Click the HTML tag.

Copy the meta code, and paste the meta code on your google console box. 

And click save changes. 

Verify. And you are done. 

The next step is to go to the general tab. And open the installation wizard.

Now Yoast will take you through 10 steps that will improve your SEO.

XML sitemaps

Search engines crawl around sites to show the search result. An XML sitemap lists all the URLs to your website. Yoast SEO has a built-in feature. That automatically updates your sitemaps. Sp clicks one time and never thinks of it again. 

In the Feature Tab, set the Advanced setting pages to enable and save it. Under the SEO tab, you will find out a new menu. XML sitemaps, Click it, and go to author/user sitemaps. And enable it. 


Permalinks are hyperlinks that lead to a specific page. Automatically wordpress generates permalinks. To fix the permalink structure. 

Go to the settings tab and click permalinks. 

You can use many options to create the best permalinks for you, like the Post name option. That is a simple but effective one to make a permalink.

Suppose you are someone who is still with us. Congratulations! You have created a fantastic new blog site for yourself. Now it’s time to create a better blog for your site that stands out.

Blog Idea to stand out

You are now all set up with your technical part, and it’s time to create something. Starting with a blog idea. “What will you write?” or “Is this idea strong enough to get a click?”

 All questions appear when you try to create something new. For this time, stop thinking and grab a pen or open a new doc sheet on your computer.

Write every idea that hits your mind and list them. Sort out your picture by doing some research. 

Google the topic and see the hype. Do not rush for the viral issue only. For example, take SEO.

SEO has a multi-billion dollar industry, and this niche is very stable. 

Now write down every idea and make a clear vision. And create a curve line for your blog.

Come up with a catchy headline. And attract your reader in one first few minutes. 

Write your first best blog.

Click on the “post” menu on the left. In descending order, you will find a list of menus. As a beginner, do not get overwhelmed; press the add new button, and you will come up with the editor. 

Click on +, and you will see WordPress’s’ Gutenberg blocks; by using this, you can add headlines,.media, and other features. 

Let’s enter the title first.

You can also add images that engage more people or another form of media.

Now you are done with your content. At this moment, you will need some extra minutes to optimize your content on Yoast SEO. 

Choose an SEO title first that attracts as many people as possible.

Now explain your blog on meta description. 

You can review your post before publishing it anywhere. Just click the preview button.

And congratulations! You are all done. You can now publish your blog with one single click.

Get Monetize

Getting monetized is the last phase. And it takes time as well. Some selling styles can make money for you.

  • Think of a content idea 
  • Produce the idea 
  • Make a service or product 
  • Sell it 

Try to ask your audience what they need from you. Like, if they want to create a new blog? Are they get stacked? 

As you can help them, you can sell them this service, where you teach them “how to create a new blog.” 

And this business module always works, but it takes time. It would be best if you grew your audience first.

You can use Google ads, but private services make the potential part of the money. Like:

Offer premium content

If your audience is large enough, you can offer services like classes, courses, or books that will make a ton of money. 

Create a sales funnel using your blog and keep the workflow natural.

Affiliate marketing 

You can make money without any services. Don’t worry. Just leverage your work to someone else. How?

And then, find an affiliate program with services that can satisfy your audience and then affiliate the product with your blog. 

If your customer clicks the link, makes any purchase, or buys any service, you will get a service commission. And that’s a very straightforward way to start monetizing. 

Okay! Now you come to the last phase. We learn everything for our new blog, from domain to wordpress to SEO. 

And we are all set. Good luck with your new blog. Save time to think of it. Jump into the new world of blog writing. 

Quick Caught Up

How does anyone create a successful blog?

To establish a successful blog, begin by selecting a specific niche subject. Conduct market research to identify existing blogs on the topic and avoid choosing an oversaturated area. Consider picking an issue the blog can monetize through partnerships, sponsored posts, or affiliate links. Once you have selected your topic, set up a Content Management System, design your blog, publish your first post, and maintain a consistent publishing schedule.

What are some options for CMS to use on a blog?

When evaluating a CMS for building an e-commerce site, it’s essential to consider factors such as ease of use, digital marketing capabilities, ability to publish across multiple channels, and the availability of integrations and extensions.

Some popular CMS options include WordPress, Wix, and Shopify. Each platform offers a range of features and tools to help you create and manage an online store. Researching and comparing the different options is essential to find the one that best meets your specific needs.

How to Create Ideas?

When thinking about your audience and what they want to see from your blog, it’s essential to consider the following questions:

  • What topics or issues spark interest and engagement among my readers?
  • What are my readers’ everyday struggles or problems in my niche?
  • What are the key characteristics or demographics of my readers?
  • What aspects of my calling do my readers find appealing or enjoyable?
  • What elements of my calling that my readers may not like or find unappealing?

Answering these questions can help you understand your readers better and create content that resonates with them. It will also help you find new ways to engage with your audience and grow your blog.

How much do successful bloggers make?

Some successful bloggers can make significant income, up to seven figures per year. However, it’s important to note that this income is unique and is typically earned by only a small number of bloggers who have built large, engaged audiences in popular industries like marketing or parenting.

These bloggers often have a combination of a solid personal brand, a well-defined niche, and a diverse income stream that includes sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and product sales. Additionally, it’s important to note that earning a significant income from blogging takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and consistent effort over an extended period.


Starting a blog is relatively straightforward, but building a successful and profitable blog takes significant hard work and dedication. 

Patience is essential as you begin your blogging journey, as making a significant income from your blog takes time and effort. 

However, with consistent effort and by following best practices and tips, it is possible to make a substantial income from your blog. Running a blog is also relatively affordable, and with the right approach, you can break even and start making a profit in a relatively short period. 

To get started, consider signing up for web hosting services like Hostinger, which offers a free domain and easy-to-use tools to help you set up your blog. As you begin creating content, remember that you are speaking to real people, and strive to be authentic and transparent in your writing. By consistently creating great content, you’ll be able to build a dedicated audience that will engage with your blog and support your efforts to monetize it.