Choosing the best streaming software for your company is critical. The alternatives can be daunting, from Twitch to YouTube, so the best streaming software can help you achieve your goals. I selected and reviewed the 7+ top streaming software in this guide so you can choose the best one for you.

The video industry is evolving. We’re moving away from static video material and toward interactive live streaming. Fans seek intriguing entertainment with interactive aspects as their attention spans shorten. The answer is streaming software. You can use these capabilities to stream live videos, communicate with followers, integrate interactive content, collect money, etc.
The understanding of streaming software is critical, with live streaming accounting for up to 79 percent of total mobile usage by 2022 (and expected to rise).

9 Best Streaming Software in 2022

1. OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software Studio is a stepping stone for those new to live stream. It’s open-source and works on various systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. OBS can also be customized to your liking.
The disadvantage because OBS Studio being is open-source; it does not provide official support. Instead, there is a vast and enthusiastic community that can assist you, but this isn’t the most excellent solution for everyone.

Key Features:

  • ‘Dock’ UI is a modular user interface that allows you to change the layout to match your branding needs easily. You can pop out all of the separate Dock windows for even more personalization.
  • Set up hotkeys for nearly any action, such as beginning and stopping broadcasts or recordings, flipping between scenes, muting audio sources, etc.
  • Studio Mode — Preview your scenes and sources in real-time for last-minute tweaks. You can even make a new scene before publishing your content.

2. Streamlabs

Streamlabs is a live streaming software similar to OBS but is more user-friendly. It has more functionality than OBS, which can be helpful if you’re just getting started with streaming. Streamlabs is available for free download, has customer assistance, and many of its features are geared toward gamers.
Although the Streamlabs features make it easier to use for beginners, all of those add-ons can cause your computer to slow down. Be ready for the unexpected bug.

Key Features:

  • Streamlabs Dashboard – You can use the dashboard to alter the alert box with a few clicks. All of the elements can be managed without having to open the browser.
  • Widget Themes – Select different widgets for various broadcasts. Additionally, each theme’s settings are saved individually to make switching between themes easier.
  • It provides themed visual layouts for specific games and genres. Through effects, animations, and images, themes can also help you create a more immersive experience.

3. XSplit

XSplit is a common next step when you go toward professional, high-end live streaming software options. It’s simple to use, comes in free and premium editions, and provides enough support and feature updates. Third-party programs and plug-ins are also supported.
Even though XSplit is simple, you need basic encoding knowledge because it does not include presets. You can’t use it on Mac or Linux, and if you want to avoid watermarks and locked features, you’ll have to pay a lot of money for the commercial version.

Key Features:

  • Edit video scenes before life broadcasting them with the Scene Preview Editor.
  • NVIDIA NVENC – Customize your settings with NVENC options for the best quality and performance.
  • To make your live stream stand out, use the intuitive editor to add subscription goals, contribution trains, events lists, followers alerts, tipping cups, etc.

4. vMix

Professional streamers will appreciate vMix, but it does have a basic, free plan. If you’re looking for 4K live streaming, vMix is a good option. It’s jam-packed with advanced capabilities, offers excellent support, and comes in various pricing ranges, making it simple to upgrade depending on your needs.
However, if you want to do live streaming from a Mac, vMix isn’t going to help you because it’s just for Windows. It’s also a resource hog, which is to be expected from professional-grade streaming software. vMix is also the most expensive option on this list.

Key Features:

  • vMix Social – Easily include content from YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter into your live stream.
  • Live Chat – View and respond to comments from social media accounts like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook on your live stream.
  • vMix Replay — With up to four cameras, you can show instant replays in slow-motion HD. You might offer the reproduction from two views at once to maximize engagement.

5. OWN3D Pro

OWN3D Pro is a plugin for OBS Studio, which is open-source. OWN3D Pro makes it simple to change the look of your stream. It includes over 575 high-quality overlays and alarms and a vast number of Twitch panels and other features, including the option to construct a Twitch countdown and donation page and the ability to integrate a chatbox widget and a Twitch chat bot. You can also connect to OWN3D Music to add music to your stream without fear of copyright infringement.

OWN3D Pro is available in both free and premium editions. Five free overlays, panels and alarms, stream labels, and a countdown widget are included in the free edition. You can subscribe for one month, three months, or a year to get the complete range of features in the paid version.

OWN3D Pro requires OBS Studio, which we will discuss separately below. Before installing OWN3D Pro on your Windows laptop, you must first install OBS Studio.
Although some of the features of OWN3D Pro will work on any streaming site that uses OBS Studio, it is developed for Twitch, and some aspects are Twitch-specific. It also makes extensive use of Twitch lingo.

You can use OWN3D Pro to add overlays to your streaming to vary the aesthetic, but you can also edit them to fit your taste.

Key Features

  • Access to 575+ high-quality overlays & alerts.
  • Pre-made stream labels that can be easily customized.
  • Twitch countdown integration.
  • Creation of a donation page.
  • Chatbox Widget integration.
  • Twitch Chatbot integration.


LightStream Studio allows you to stream to Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and custom RTMP servers. It offers cloud-based broadcasting that may be viewed via a web browser. You can still stream Xbox and PlayStation gameplay to Twitch without a capture card.

The Gamer plan costs $8, $12, or $16 per month, while the Creator plan costs $25, $28, or $50 per month. The varied pricing for each project indicates the various maximum resolutions you may stream. There are further discounts available if you pay annually.

Both options include streaming text, photos, webcams, video clips, 3rd-party alerts, dynamic content integrations, and endless streaming hours. The Creator package includes up to seven remote guests, RTMP sources, configurable RTMP destinations, and PC screen sharing.

Key Features:

  • All you need is an internet connection and a computer to get started. Lightstream does not require expensive technology or a time-consuming download process.
  • Use your smartphone as a remote control to start and stop your stream. It can also swap scenes, which is useful when working remotely.
  • It provides live, one-on-one chat support to help you with any problem.

7. Gamecaster

Gamecaster began as an XSplit brand of software but has since evolved into its own thing. Its name implies that it is entirely focused on gaming. You may use it to stream 1080p video to Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube. It uses the newest NVIDIA and AMD technology to stream without lag.

Hundreds of free overlays are included, including notifications, trains, goals, and widgets. Professionally animated overlays are among them. The Scene Editor in Gamecaster makes building complex alerts and widgets a breeze.

Elgato, Spotify, Streamlabs, and ReStream are among the many connectors available in Gamecaster.

Key Features:

  • Scene Preview Editor – Edit video scenes before live broadcasting them.
  • NVIDIA NVENC – Use NVENC options to customize your settings for optimal quality and performance.
  • Intuitive Editor – Easily add subscriber goals, donation trains, events lists, followers alerts, tips cups, etc., to make your live stream stand out.

8. Nvidia ShadowPlay

Nvidia ShadowPlay is aimed toward gamers and is included with several Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. You may record and share high-quality gaming videos, pictures, and live streams using it. It can be used to broadcast live on Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube.

It lacks some functionality in more specialized streaming software and is likely to be utilized by gamers who wish to share their best moments on social media. It does, however, support camera and custom graphic overlays to make your Livestream more personalized.

The DVR-style Instant Replay function in ShadowPlay allows you to record the last 30 seconds of gaming to your hard drive or share it on YouTube or Facebook by pressing a hotkey. You can manually record as many gameplay videos as you wish. Because ShadowPlay is hardware accelerated, it can run in the background. You can also use your favorite ShadowPlay video to make a 15-second GIF, add text, and share it on Google, Facebook, or Weibo.

Key Features

  • Easily Access Shadowplay features with New GeForce Experience 3.0 Overlay.
  • Instant Replay and Record.
  • Improved Broadcasting Capabilities.
  • In-Game Screenshot Capture with 4K Upload.
  • GeForce Experience Share Preferences.
  • Share your Gameplay with your Friends (Experimental)

9. Wirecast

Wirecast Studio and Wirecast Pro are two commercial versions of live streaming software offered by Wirecast. Wirecast certainly caters to more professional broadcasters than free software users. “Stream like a pro,” says Wirecast’s tagline.

You can broadcast from many devices, including cameras, microphones, webcams, IP cameras, etc. You can also capture anything on your computer screen or other machines and several IP sources. Live websites can be viewed using the built-in web browser. It can mix up to 8 independent audio tracks, add FX and processing, and support numerous professional audio sources.
It has over 100 graphics and titles pre-installed. Wirecast provides access to over 500,000 different media assets, including films, music, lower thirds, backdrops, etc. Wirecast features replay, scoreboards, clocks, and timers if you’re into sports broadcasting.

You can utilize Wirecast to stream to Facebook Live, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo Live, or any other RTMP destination, and you can do it several times.
Wirecast Pro includes all of the functionality of Wirecast Studio, plus increased inputs and audio, seven simultaneous Wirecast Rendezvous guests, 3D virtual sets, PTZ camera control, and more.

Key Features:

  • ISO Recording — It records all live video inputs in their original format. These video segments exist independently of the composite program recording.
  • Multiviewer – Easily monitor and get a quick peek at each source by sending single sources to up to 17 source grids.
  • It provides free access to over 500,000 media assets, including videos, music, backdrops, lower thirds, etc.

10. Restream

Restream is a cloud-based video streaming service that allows you to stream videos to over 30 platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. They also offer native interaction with popular streaming applications such as XSplit, OBS Studio, Elgato, etc.

It’s also one of the few streaming services that support “Real-time Platform and Channel Toggling.” This means you can change and add new channels without having to stop your broadcast or restart your encoder while you’re “On Air.

Key Features:

  • Create multiple channels on a single platform.
  • A built-in amplifier to stream from whenever you want.
  • Track your frame drops, bitrate, and frames per second (FPS).
  • Update metadata of all streams from a single point.
  • Automatic alerts to notify viewers on Facebook, Discord, and Twitter.
  • Add a CTA button to your live stream.
  • Allow viewers from different platforms to chat with each other.
  • Hide nasty and rude words in the chatbox.


With the ability to stream and record live and pre-recorded videos and distribute them to over 40 social media networks, OneStream is the most potent overall streaming software.
You can record and plan your broadcasts on social media platforms up to 60 days in advance using pre-recorded streaming.
You can pair OneStream with other streaming tools, configure this tool, and start multicasting with live streaming:

Key Features:

  • Publish to more than 40 platforms and schedule posts up to 60 days ahead of time.
  • You may manage several team members in one account using team management.
  • There is no software to install.
  • Files, cameras, and screen sharing are among the options for upload.
  • RTMP streaming with a custom server URL and stream key


You’ll have to go through choosing the best streaming software for your needs on your journey to becoming a live streamer. Even if your preferred program evolves, it’s critical to think carefully about the first one you select so you can get off to a solid start.

Understanding the significant components of streaming software and the full streaming setup and strategies to enhance your software’s capabilities is critical. By allowing you to broadcast to a larger audience, Restream will enable you to get even more out of every minute you spend streaming. In today’s congested streaming scene, that’s a huge accomplishment.