Choosing the most appropriate money-making applications for quick cash is critical to your company’s success. The most OK money-making applications can assist you in achieving your financial objectives, whether through micro-investing or earning cash rewards. To help you choose the most OK money-earning app for you, I’ve ranked and reviewed the 17 best money-producing apps for fast cash and my top 5 recommendations in this guide.

Did you know that there are many simple ways to make money online that you can do right from your smartphone? Apps that make you money assist you in doing just that. According to statistics, the average smartphone user spends 4 hours and 30 minutes on their gadget every day.

While you could spend this time on social media and news websites, you might use some of your time to earn money by doing something productive.

These Rankings Cover Different Types Of Money Making Apps:

  • iPhone apps where you perform simple tasks for free money.
  • Money-saving apps that help you save money.
  • Personal finance apps for automated investing and passive income.
  • New apps to earn cash back on everyday purchases.

Let’s get started.

What Is a Money-Making App?

Una money-making app is an application that you can download to your phone, tablet, or even your computer, which allows you to earn money in various ways. Some applications may charge a minor fee for leaving the app operating in the background or for you to shop in specific locations and receive cashback. Others will pay you to complete surveys or participate in activities such as exercise, among other things. A modest reward or money back is intended to be offered through your phone, and because we spend so much time on our phones, it might be a convenient method to earn money.

How Much Does a Money-Making App Cost?

Money-making applications differ in terms of their functionality, how they assist you in earning money, and their pricing. Some applications offer a small one-time fee to download them, while others demand a small monthly fee, such as $1, to use them. The majority of money-making apps, on the other hand, are free. On the other hand, some apps demand you to make purchases to save or earn money. Read the fine print before signing up so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Also, be realistic: a money-making app will not replace your income, but it can occasionally serve as a tiny complement to your typical phone usage.

How We Chose the Best Money-Making Apps

The top eight money-making apps were picked based on the features and resources they provide, how they assist you in earning money, the company’s history and reputation, and when and how you are compensated—whether in cash, gift cards, or another kind of payment.

20 Best Money Making Apps

1. Rakuten

Rakuten (previously Ebates) is also an excellent browser extension for individuals who prefer to use a desktop computer and have a decent money-making app. In addition to using in-store coupons and scanning things to compare costs, this program also allows you to earn cashback on certain purchases from specific stores, which is likely its most well-known function.

It works as follows: Once you’ve downloaded and started using the app, you’ll be able to earn a set percentage of cashback when you shop at one of the more than 3,500 participating retailers on Rakuten’s list. Whereas money back is often between 1 and 2 percent, we’ve earned up to 10 percent on some purchases. In addition, you’ll get access to in-store coupons and other benefits. It even compares vouchers, making you confident that you receive the most excellent bargain possible.

Additionally, once you join up and begin using it, you will automatically be paid every three months, provided that you have earned at least $5.01 throughout that period. Rakuten is a well-known name in money-making apps, and it continues to be so. Since its inception in 1997, it has returned more than $1 billion in cash to its clients.

2. Shopkick

For those who enjoy shopping and frequently find themselves in the aisles of their favorite retail establishment, Shopkick is a terrific money-making tool to have at your disposal. Keep in mind that Shopkick only accepts gift cards as payment, so plan accordingly.

Making money with Shopkick is a straightforward process. You download the app and then participate in one or more of the following activities: walk into a store with no purchase necessary (yes, it’s that simple), scan barcodes of select products (again, no purchase is required), purchase items at an eligible store with your Shopkick-linked card, purchase items and submit your receipt, visit online stores or view online products (again, no purchase is required), make an online purchase with a Shopkick partner, or watch in-app videos. You can also participate.

You don’t always have to purchase to earn money using this app, which is a great advantage considering you aren’t rewarded in actual cash.

3. ibotta

ibotta is yet another excellent cash-back app, and it provides you with three ways to earn money: uploading your receipt to the app after purchasing eligible items, linking a store loyalty card before you shop to gain access to special offers, and making purchases at eligible stores using the ibotta app.
With ibotta, you’ll have to accomplish activities within the app to access its money-saving features, which can be a disadvantage depending on how much free time you have available. You’ll also have to upload receipts manually, and there are only roughly 300 retailers eligible for this program. However, you can get cash deposited directly into your ibotta account, which you can then withdraw without waiting on checks via snail mail or navigating cryptocurrency.

4. Foap

Foap is a money-making tool that is especially beneficial to budding photographers and videographers because it makes it simple to sell your photographs and films. Download the app and then upload your pictures and videos to your online portfolio to start earning money from them.

If your work is acquired by an agency, brand, or another user on Foap, you will be compensated, but you will also be required to split the earnings with Foap at a 50/50 rate. You will earn $5 for every $10 that Foap sells a photo for. However, a single photograph can be sold more than once, a good bonus. If you submit images to a specific project (which Foap refers to as “Missions”), you will have the opportunity to get paid in the hundreds of dollars for your photo.

5. Acorns

Acorn is a money-making program that allows you to be more involved in your earnings. Make sure you download and link your bank account to the robot-investing software. Acorns will round up to the nearest dollar with each purchase and automatically deposit your spare change into a portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) diversified over 7,000 stocks and bonds. Additionally, you can set up regular deposits with Acorns to make minor daily investments while watching your portfolio develop in value over time.

As a result, Acorns has compiled a list of Found Money partners — more than 350 in all — that allow customers to invest a percentage of their purchases when they shop at well-known retailers.
Acorns charge a $1 monthly fee when calculating your earnings, so keep that in mind. However, you will receive a diversified portfolio, automatic rebalancing, investment support from Acorns’ support staff, and mobile access to all of your accounts due to signing up. Moreover, if you like Acorns, you can experiment with the company’s other products, including Acorns Later, an IRA, Acorns Spend, a bank account, and a debit card.

6. Google Opinion Rewards

This one is for all of you who have strong opinions. Google Opinion Rewards, backed by the world’s most popular search engine, is an absolute must-have for anyone wishing to benefit from their smartphone addiction—and get paid for expressing their opinions.

It works as follows: Whenever you have a spare moment, download the survey app and complete brief surveys on various topics ranging from hotels to television shows to retailers. Consider the following scenarios: standing in line at the bank, waiting for the bus, or even in the bathroom. You will be compensated in Google Play credits or via PayPal for each survey you complete. Per the survey, you might earn between $0.10 and $1.


Polly is another paid survey and money-making software, but it has less technological sophistication than its Google-based equivalent. You’ll need to download the app and enter some personal information to get started. Then you must accomplish missions, such as visiting a store and taking a photo or testing a product, to earn points. Or be alerted of new surveys the instant they hit the airwaves.

Once you’ve finished your tasks or surveys, go to to cash out your points. You do not, however, receive any monetary compensation. Instead, you accumulate rewards such as gift cards, airline miles, and other comparable items. However, in the case of heavy shoppers or frequent flyers, it may be well worth the effort.

8. Sweatcoin

It cannot be easy to get outside and do a workout. However, by using the Sweatcoin app, you will notice a significant increase in your motivation. After all, the application compensates you for the actions you take. However, you should be aware that you will be paid in cryptocurrency.

The way it works is as follows. Ensure you have the Sweatcoin software installed on your phone and that it is operating in the background. After that, get moving. For every 1,000 steps you take, you’ll receive 0.95 Sweatcoins as a reward. You can exchange your Sweatcoins for items like anti-gravity yoga courses (yes, they exist), an Apple Watch, an iPhone, or even a trip if you’ve earned a specific number.

The majority of the products will cost you approximately 20,000 Sweatcoins. If you walk 10,000 steps per day, you will receive 9.5 Sweatcoins for your efforts. According to the calculations, even if you walk 10,000 steps per day, it will take you over six years to earn 20,000 Sweatcoin. As a result, this app is intended for severe movers and shakers rather than casual fitness enthusiasts.

9. Arrived Homes

Do you want to understand how to get started in the real estate business without becoming a landlord first? Look no further than Arrived Homes for your next home. If you purchase shares of properties through this app, you will be able to earn rental income from those properties as a shareholder without having to deal with any of the usual real estate hassles. My favorite thing about this app is that it offers a passive and straightforward method to earn some additional money, and it’s one of the most interesting money-making applications on this list.

10. Swagbucks

If you are searching for a quick and easy way to make money online, I recommend checking Swagbucks. These ‘Swagbucks,’ earned by using this unique platform, can be redeemed for gift cards or cash at the end of the day by users. Combining internet shopping with paid surveys, video watching, and other activities makes money.

11. Survey Junkie

Are you a lover of taking surveys and earning money to supplement your income? If this is the case, Survey Junkie is a platform that should be investigated further. Using Survey Junkie, you may earn money by voicing your opinions on various brands and goods. Simple steps can be taken to get started, and you can begin making extra money right now.

12. M1 Finance

My recommendation for anyone interested in investing is M1 Finance. M1 Finance is an investing platform that allows you to grow your money while taking the least possible risk. Investing in M1 regularly could be an excellent way to save money if you want to build up your savings.

13. Wikibuy

Wikibuy makes it possible for you to shop from websites and retailers at the lowest possible prices. The program’s database, which you can access after installing it on your browser, connects you to eCommerce stores offering the best discounts and deals on your purchase.

Utilizing the user-friendly Wikibuy mobile app, you may scan barcodes to locate retailers offering the same product at a lesser price than what you are currently paying. It also automatically adds coupon coupons to your purchases and provides credit for purchases made on sites such as Walmart and eBay.

14. Airbnb

Airbnb provides you with a platform to rent out your room, condo, or other property sitting vacant to generate immediate cash flow. You can offer your home on the accommodation aggregator’s website, which will allow you to reach billions of people throughout the world.

As an Airbnb host, you won’t have to worry about marketing or promotion because the platform is so widely used. Airbnb takes care of everything for you, from marketing to getting reservations. You may readily secure a booking and make some money off your vacant real estate by advertising it.

For your protection and the protection of your things, Airbnb provides $1 million in property damage protection and $1 million in insurance against accidents for every booking.
Airbnb also allows you to share your experiences with others and guide them around the city. In addition, by providing other services such as food, transportation, and cultural activities, you can earn more income.

15. Turo

Turo is a peer-to-peer car-sharing firm based in the United States that allows you to hire your sports car, truck, or anything else. If your automobile is spending more time in the garage than on the road, Turo may be able to generate some more income for you. Turo allows you to list your car on the app and rent it out to other Turo customers.

You can use its “calculator” to figure out how much money you could make renting out your automobile every month. The website says that you may make an average of $706 each month working from the comfort of your home.

Turo is offered in more than 5500 cities across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. To make you feel more secure about your vehicle, it includes coverage against theft and bodily damage in its contract. On top of that, it also provides liability insurance coverage of $750,000.

16. Robinhood

Robinhood is a commission-free investment platform that allows you to invest in stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and digital currency trading. It provides you with a free store when you sign up and attaches your bank account information to assist you in building your portfolio.

You may invest in blue-chip stocks such as Google and Microsoft to a limited extent through Robinhood. Let’s imagine you only have $10, but you want to invest a portion of it in Google and become a shareholder in the company.

If you want to get your hands on some cryptocurrencies, Robinhood is also a great option. You may purchase and trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other digital assets.

17. MyPoints

MyPoints allows you to earn reward points for various activities such as online and in-store shopping, dining out, and participating in paid surveys. Other ways to make extra money include watching movies, reading emails, and playing video games, among other things.

Once you have accumulated sufficient points, you can redeem them for cash or gift cards. MyPoints rewards may be saved with over 70 partner brands, making it simple to use your points. You can also exchange your points for gift cards from Amazon and Visa, among other options.

The registration process for MyPoints is straightforward and takes only a few minutes. On the other hand, the website is only accessible from the United States and Canada.

18. Earny

Early functions as a virtual personal assistant, assisting you in obtaining automatic refunds when the cost of the products reduces. It provides a Chrome plugin to avoid missing out on the top discounts and the most appropriate promo coupons.

You can also keep track of past price movements and receive real-time notifications when prices change.

19. Worthy Bonds

Worthy Bonds is a lending platform that provides capital to small businesses in exchange for a percentage of their profits. You can get a guaranteed 5 percent interest rate on corporation bonds if you invest in them.
The straightforward investment tool allows you to generate money by investing as little as $10 without additional fees. It uses your funds to provide the best-secured loans to small and medium-sized enterprises in the United States. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved – you and small businesses.

20. Google Opinion Rewards

If you participate in Google surveys, you can earn money through Google Opinion Rewards, a rewards-based program run by Google. It provides short surveys that are paid for each time they are completed.

You can get Google Play or PayPal credit as a prize if you complete the challenge. It is possible to participate in surveys on various subjects, including opinion polls, hotel ratings, and merchant satisfaction surveys.

It typically provides local surveys based on your geographic location. Depending on the survey, it could take anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute. It will tell you if your credits are close to expiring, and the app will remind you when your credits are ready to pass.


That was my top ten list of the best money-making apps on the market. I didn’t simply include survey applications on the list; I also had a range of side hustle apps to pique the attention of as many people as possible.

Wikibuy is a website designed to help online buyers save money. And by simply completing our surveys in your spare time, Survey Junkie can assist you in earning additional money.
eBates, iPoll, Foap, BookScouter, Shopkick, and Slidejoy are other popular money-making apps I haven’t included yet.

Decide which option best suits your needs and begin earning money in your spare time. Alternatively, use more than one of these money-making applications and start making more money immediately.

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How do you get money fast in 2022?

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  4. Set up a Patreon.
  5. Review websites and apps.
  6. Join an affiliate program.
  7. Launch a YouTube channel.
  8. Participate in focus groups.

What apps can earn money in 2021?

Turn your phone into a money-earning machine when you sign up for these free apps.

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  5. Skillz Mobile Games.
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  8. Sweatcoin.

What is the fastest money-making app?

Ibotta. How it works: Ibotta lets you earn cashback on in-store and online purchases at over 2,000 supported retailers.

  • Rakuten.
  • Swagbucks.
  • Fiverr.
  • Upwork.
  • OfferUp.
  • Poshmark.

What apps let you get money instantly?

  • Earnin: Best for hourly workers.
  • Dave: Best for overdraft protection.
  • Brigit: Best features.
  • Current: Best for spending.
  • Chime: Best for those looking to avoid bank fees.
  • MoneyLion: Best for those who receive direct deposit.

How can I make money online in 2022?

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Survey Taker
  3. Proofreading
  4. Start Dropshipping
  5. Online Tutor
  6. Web designing
  7. Invest in stocks
  8. Sell your photos

How Does Social Media Make Money 2022?

  1. Publish Sponsored Posts.
  2. Become a Brand Ambassador.
  3. Promote Affiliate Links.
  4. Sell Physical Products.
  5. Sell Digital Products.
  6. Create Visual Content for Sale.
  7. Print Photographs.
  8. Provide Marketing Services.